Moscow wallpaper factory today

Currently, the factory is one of the largest manufacturers of wallpaper. We not only maintain age-old traditions, but also skillfully combines them with new technology, using modern imported equipment and materials that allows the wallpaper of European quality and collaborate not only with all regions of Russia, but also with others, and even further afield.

Location of our factory does not allow us to produce vinyl wallpaper, that’s why vinyl wallpaper of Moscow Wallpaper Factory, we print on factory equipment «Mayak-Print», «RASCH», «ASCreation», «Art», «Sintra», «Erismann», «Zambaiti» . These wallpapers are presented to our customers under the brand name «MALEX DESIGN». We try to satisfy the tastes of any customer, producing vinyl wallpaper 0.53 m and 1.06 m wide.


We produce more than 600 articles of the wallpaper. Our product range:

  • - Background paper gravure printing (simplex);
  • - Background paper glued on the basis of sustainable embossing (duplex), we present two catalogs of these wallpapers, and for the production of this wallpaper we use not only the domestic securities;
  • - Wallpaper construction, supplied in rolls on 201 meter.

    FIRST TIME IN RUSSIA - environmentally friendly non-woven wallpaper base - catalogs «EcoVliesLux» and «EcoVlies»;

  • - Vinyl wallpaper on non-woven and paper-based;

Our collection «Wallpaper of the third millennium» became the winner of the national program "100 best goods of Russia» in 2000. At the 2nd International specialized exhibition «Decoration of walls, ceilings - 2002», which took place in February 2002 in the CEC «Sokolniki», Moscow Wallpaper Factory was awarded a diploma for the new technology of wall coverings «Art-Vlies» this wallpaper you can see in the catalog «EcoVliesLux».

Quality control.

The company operates a testing laboratory products (test accreditation ROSS RU.0001.22.DM number 29 of January 16, 2001.). The laboratory shall monitor the quality of products, certification test wallpaper and related materials.

Customers and consumers.

The factory is a supplier of many construction companies, for which the wallpaper produced by special technology in reels.

The subject of special attention for factory is museums orders. Our work can be seen in the museum-apartment V.I. Lenin in the Kremlin, the museum-apartment F.I. Chaliapin in St. Petersburg, apartment museum A.P. Chekhov in Melihovo, Moscow region. Fulfill special orders for museums in France and Belgium.

Modern equipment, skill and professionalism of the staff allows us to carry out any orders and wishes of potential customers.

Trading network and marketing of finished products.

Our products are in great demand not only in Russia but also in the countries of near and far abroad.

Developed trading network at regional offices covers almost all regions of the Russian Federation, CIS and Baltic countries, providing a single price policy. Factory sells its products through a retail network of large hypermarkets, our customers CASTORAMA, OBI, AUCHAN, STROYLANDIYA, metrics, Stroydepo, K-Routh, agaves.

The factory operates a retail store "House of wallpaper on Krasnoselskaya"

We do our best to cooperate with us was enjoyable and comfortable. Our customers and partners, we inform about the product as possible, provide free catalogs for all the products we offer reasonable prices, as well as provide advertising support. We are always happy to cooperate with you, the main priority for us - long-term relationships built on trust and respect.

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